How To Bid

Registered bidders may bid in our Live auctions by attending the auction and registering to bid, bidding online through our site, , or , submitting an absentee bid, or requesting a telephone bid.

Bidding at Waterfords Live Auctions.

Buyers who wish to attend a Live on-site auction must register to bid, or if already registered, confirm their participation the morning of a sale. After checking in with our registration assistant, you will receive a bid number and marked paddle to use when bidding in the auction. If you are successful in purchasing a lot our auctioneer will take note of your bid number. After the sale bidders will return their paddles to Waterford’s staff. Successful buyers will collect an invoice for any items they have purchased during the auction and arrange to make payment and collection of purchased lots with the Waterford’s staff.

Bidding online.

Waterford’s is pleased to offer our own online live bidding feature to registered and approved buyers. Additionally we work with, annd to provide their international clientele with the opportunity to bid live at our live auctions through an online format. Prior to the sale, buyers can peruse an online catalogue with images and information on sale lots both on our website, as well as online at, annd The items will then go to auction on the date and time indicated in the catalogue in correspondence with the on-site auction. Buyers can bid online in real time while the auction takes place. All online bids will then be extended to the Waterford’s auctioneer in alternation with any on-site bids. For buyers unable to bid during the live sale, the online bid features offer a secure bidder network that allows registered buyers to leave confidential absentee bids for upcoming sales. These bids will remain private until the lot being bid on comes up in the live online auction.

* Please note that there is an additional 1.5-5% Buyer’s Premium to participate using either Bidsqaure (1.5%) LiveAuctioneers (3%) or Invaluable (5%). This additional buyers premium is waived for using our own online bidding feature

Absentee and Telephone bids.

For high value items the option to bid via telephone or by submitting an absentee bid may also be available. Registered buyers who wish to place an absentee bid may submit a maximum bid via our online form. All absentee bids must be received at least 24 hours before a sale. A Waterford’s employee will then represent the absentee buyer during the auction, bidding gradually up to the maximum bid set. This process ensures that the buyer pays the lowest hammer price needed to purchase the lot.

Registered buyers interested in bidding by telephone must request to do so before the auction. The buyer will receive a call from a Waterford’s employee approximately five lots before the lot they wish to bid on goes to auction. The employee will then bid according to the instructions of the telephone buyer. The employee will keep the buyer informed of the progress of the auction until the buyer is successful in purchasing the lot or makes the decision to stop bidding.